Employee and Corporate Training.
Platinum Package for Executives

Consistently successful organizations and groups depend on capable, passionate and knowledgeable individuals and teams. We bring over two decades of local and international training experience. We provide high-quality services, both standardized and customized to meet your specified needs. Our training enables how to write a thesis on term paper your staff to get better at what they do, to be versatile and productive. Our training protects and deepens your strengths and competitive advantage and develops additional capabilities that will advance your organization and community into what it needs to be.


OptiCate is our learning management platform which enables the transfer of skills and knowledge, and the delivery of education to individuals and groups at the same time and in different locations. We offer general and customized learning and development programmes that are designed to fulfill your individual and organizational training needs. Industry-specific programmes can also be designed upon request. This E-Learning service can be used as a standalone facility or in combination with on-site training.

We also offer a virtual classroom facility to organisations that prefer to manage their own learning system to suit their specific needs. OptiCate provides continuous and sustained professional learning and training support worldwide.

E-learning Platform

Capacity Development Outsourcing

Training outsourcing. Coaching. Mentoring. Wellness

Your organization will get value from our experienced hands and your staff will benefit from a holistic approach to developing and building on needed skills and being coached and mentored in the process of  learning. We transform good workers to high performers and we build the capacity of qualified staff to fit into a broad spectrum of roles.

Organizational Systems Consulting

Having the right structural systems in place is one thing; having your systems optimally effective is quite another. We work with you to identify your organizational levers of success, to create and strengthen connections that maximize output at individual, team, and organizational levels. We work with you to develop the capability needed to ensure optimum effectiveness and adaptability in the functioning of all your systems and operations. This includes helping you remedy situations on the one hand and enabling you to leverage where you are strong. We integrate a combination of strategies that gives you the ultimate impact. Our organizational development support helps you build a high trust environment where positive transformation thrives and committed teams excel. We help you establish and promote stronger inclusiveness, accountability and cohesiveness.

Organizational Systems. Organizational Development

Community Corporate Partnership Responsibility

Community Empowerment. Cultural Intelligence. Community partnership responsibility.

Communities have limitless potential; therefore, we provide the people with the tools, coaching, and prospects to become independent thinkers and doers. Thus, creating the opportunities to thrive by making progress towards their goals and being responsible and accountable for the outcomes of their actions.

For all the above services, we offer all or some of the following:


  • Diagnostics: We bring an independent perspective and a fresh pair of eyes to identify the critical, strategic issues that need to be addressed.

  • Strategy: We develop with you or guide you through developing a strategy to tackle the issues highlighted in the diagnosis.

  • Implementation: We help you design the implementation plan and provide ongoing support to execute it effectively.

  • Monitoring & Evaluation: We deliver robust M&E services to provide an independent assessment of how initiatives are working to enable you concentrate your energies on making the implementation sustainable.